Reflections Gallery

Congratulations Roadrunners for your amazing creativity!

Abstract Self Portrait by Lilla Skowronek

Grade 1, Ms. Hart

Artist Statement: I matter because I am me. My self-portrait is an abstract self-portrait that I drew of me.

Lost in Forest by Hannah Schwarz

Grade 2, Mx. Odor

Artist Statement: I matter because I want to be a veterinarian and save animals.

JackJenkins movie.mp4

I Am the Future by Jack Jenkins

Grade 2, Ms. Sears

Artist Statement: I matter because of who I am and who I affect.


Want you to know by Lara Fares

Grade 2, Ms. Chamberlin

Artist Statement: I think I have an impact on people and some people say I talk a lot. I think some people don’t see me as the person I am. I am kind and generous. I would do anything to tell people why I matter.

I matter because... by Imad Mousallem

Grade 3, Ms. Kadka

Artist Statement: My page has a sentence at the top and a drawing at the bottom. It says I matter because I am a human like everyone else. The drawing shows earth and other human beings.

Keeping Your Place In Line by Maya Singer

Grade 4, Ms. Lumsden

Artist Statement: In the Drawing there is a girl and I drew her facing to the side and her hair is flowing behind her, when you look at her shoulders they come down in to a whole lot of roots and a tree, (you can look at the piece either way but I drew it with the head up) this relates to the theme because it shows that I matter because I have an opinion and I don't budge whenever someone tries to change my opinion (sometimes I can get convinced about something else but it takes very smart ant true reasoning) I keep my place in my community, I keep my place in my Family, and I keep my place in line ;)

The Purpose Of Me by Carita Fitzgerald

Grade 4, Ms. Burnett

Artist Statement: It shows the reasons why I matter, that is how my work relates to the theme.

Hands of Ethnicity by Eleanor Mesibov

Grade 5, Mrs. Neff

Artist Statement: I matter because without me the world would be different. I would impact so many people if I or anyone else was not part of the world. The world would be different without one person. This piece represents that we all have similar values even though we look different.

I matter because I matter by Nora Nicely

Grade 5, Ms. Singh

Artist Statement: My work is a short comic with a cheesy joke in it. When you think of “I matter because” you think of nice sayings like “because I make art”, “because I’m nice”, “because I help the world” which is all nice and correct, but I made it so “I matter because everything is made of matter” which is when you think about it, true. But also, if you think that you don’t matter, you’re lying to yourself because everything is made of matter.