Teacher Discretionary Funding

The annual teacher PTA discretionary funds have been incredibly valuable to me as I set up my classroom in August each year, and as I keep it fresh with new student materials throughout the year. For example, last year, I spent my funds on new chair packs for students to keep their materials organized at their tables. Having these has saved me so much time daily. Now, students can access their own materials instead of requiring me to pass them out and collect them throughout the day. These packs were expensive, and I wouldn't have purchased them without financial help. The PTA discretionary money has also allowed me to purchase new art materials for craft time, and allowed me to purchase many miscellaneous, but important, kindergarten-specific items, like name tags, classroom labels, and bins for organization.In addition, during the last 3 school years, the PTA has funded the Kindergarten grade-level's 4th quarter Science field trip, an in-school meteorology experience with Make It Fun! Science for Everyone! This field trip allows all students to explore the concept of weather and meteorology more deeply from our own classroom, as they experiment with snow, clouds, lightning, and seasonal changes.

Mrs. Etheridge, Kindergarten Teacher