January, 2016

Ballot to Amend Budget, Ephesus PTA

To Be Presented at Membership Meeting, January 28 & 29, 2016

At the January 28 and 29 PTA meetings, members will be given a ballot that looks similar to the following document and asked to vote on their preferences about how to spend the PTA’s current excess funds.  The results of the vote will be used both to determine how to spend current excess cash reserves and to learn what kinds of initiatives our community feels are most valuable at this time. 

The information below is provided so that you can preview the options that will be under consideration for voting.  Please note the following.

·        Three items will be voted on: (1) Approval of support for Roadrunner After School Clubs: $3500; (2) Spring 2016: $3000 allocation; (3) Fall 2016: $3000 allocation.

·        Voters will be asked for a yes/no vote on supporting the Clubs expense and then to rank three items in order of preference for both the Spring and Fall allocations.

·        Of note, the Thurs. eve combined SIT/PTA meeting (1/28) will be brief, and there will be limited time for discussion of the pros and cons of individual options.

·        The Friday morning PTA meeting (1/29) will be longer, and more time for discussion will be available.

Thank you for your consideration and participation in this process.  

Item 1

Approve $3500 Expenditure to fund for Roadrunner Clubs/ After School Enrichment?

o   Yes                        

o   No

Item 2

$3000 is expected to be available for FALL 2016 - Rank top three choices: 1 – 2 – 3

In the case that estimated costs exceed $3000, the money allotted will be a partial payment of a larger financial commitment from next year’s budget.





Estimated Cost



Bench Swings

·         Up to 4 Bench-style swings added to playground – 2 for K-2 playground; 2 for 3-5 playground

·         Partial funding has been committed by local churches as community outreach gesture




Standing Desks

·         Outfit a single classroom with Standing Desks as trial to see impact for students and teachers

·         News Article: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/standing-desks/ 

·         Products types:

Overview: http://standupkids.org/standing-desk-faqs/

Sample high-end model: http://www.safcoproducts.com/alphabetter/

Desk conversion Kit: http://www.classroomseatingsolutions.com/products.html

$6000 for a 20-desk classroom


$2200 for 20 conversion kits



Gaga Ball Pit

·         Octogonal pit used to play a type of active, safe version of dodgeball; constructed location would be outdoors on 3-5 playground next to tennis courts

·         Rules: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ga-ga

·         Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch gaga ball

$800 - 1200 to build

 $5000 to purchase





·         Pay for Substitute Teachers, allowing Ephesus teachers to visit peers at other district elementary schools

·         Equity training for all Ephesus staff




Item 3

$3000 is expected to be available for FALL 2016 - Rank top three choices: 1 – 2 – 3

In the case that estimated costs exceed $3000, the money allotted will be a partial payment of a larger financial commitment from next year’s budget.





Estimated Cost



Artist in Residence – by contract

·         Contract with an artist/educator for a year-long residency that would serve all students: each class would receive a series of 4 visits, creating a product to share with fellow students and/or parents

Options could include Poetry, Dance, Theater, Storytelling, Sculpture (creating a work in conjunction with Campus Plan)




Arts in Action

·         http://www.ncartsinaction.org/

·         Pre-set, intensive arts program that serves one grade/year in participating schools

$12,000 - $15,000



Beta Box Residency

·         Longer-term residency for Beta Box – to be shared in partnership with other elementary schools/PTAs

·         https://betaboxlabs.com/





·         Extra-curricular choral experience offering higher-level instruction for all students interested in participating

$3000 / half year



After School Academic Tutoring

·         Tutoring support for students in need in one-on-one or small group settings (2-4 students)

·         Pre-teaching and development of rich supplemental learning materials created in coordination with classroom teachers

·         Of note- in Spring 2016, Ephesus received $7000 PSF grant for a specialized 3rd grade math tutoring: tutoring is expensive




After School Music Lessons

·         If a new program were developed to offer private music lessons offered at the school for both paying and non-paying students, the PTA would provide a scholarship for students in need of financial support

$3000 / for half-year



Year-round Chess Club

·         This year, Ephesus offered 6-week Chess Club to gauge interest

·         Next year, program could expand to a longer after-school commitment in the model of Seawell and/or Morris Grove Elementary Schools http://ses.chccs.k12.nc.us/clubs/chess-club




Odyssey of the Mind

·         State-wide program where teams of students compete to generate creative solutions to given STEM-type problems

·         http://ncome.org/  (click link to NCOM-E info)






·         TBA – Principal’s  Discretion




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