Ephesus family-owned/managed businesses

Renu Mathias Interiors is a residential interior design studio in Chapel Hill. As a small business owner with an innate desire for discovery, Renu pursues the craft and story of local artisans in the United States to indigenous communities from around the globe as an essential part of her process. By helping to unveil the humanity behind the form, Renu Mathias Interiors hopes to connect peoples own unique stories and life experiences to the broader world around them. Renu is happiest exploring new places with her husband and 2 Roadrunners, designing in mixed media, bringing people together and eating "all the things."

website | www.renumathias.com

email | interiors@renumathias.com

Aubrey Williams is a mom to Fox (in Ms. Rafetto’s 1st grade class) and the General Manager of locally-owned 97.9 The Hill WCHL (radio station) and Chapelboro.com (digital newspaper).

97.9 The Hill WCHL and Chapelboro.com are dedicated to serving this community with local news and information every single day (for the last 70 years!).

All Ephesus families would find our coverage relevant, as we focus on this community exclusively. We also support many local businesses and nonprofits.


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