Closing Out the 22/23 Ephesus Family Equity Survey!

Thank you again to the 122 people that responded to the Ephesus Family Equity Survey! Hearing from over one third of our community was insightful and such a gift to the PTA and our school. Our Equity Conversation was amazing and offered even more context for helpful next steps for our community.

As we close out the school year, we would love to share more widely with everyone what we learned and how we've implemented it.

What did we learn?

We learned that the diversity in our community is deep. We can hear over 10 languages spoken in our community. Our ethnicities span across the world from Guatemala to Indonesia, Tanzania to Native and Black American. We have loving families that have multiple siblings, single parents, and are intergenerational with adoption experience.

As a community, we would like to know more about our student's classrooms and ways to connect with other families. We value academic learning, social-emotional learning, and diversity, belonging, and inclusion.

Overall, we feel welcomed, heard, and included! There is also some work to do to make our community and culture more welcoming and inclusive for people of color, people with disabilities, religious, and gender diversity.

What have we done with this information?

-The PTA adopted a new mission, vision, and values to be more aligned with the needs and values communicated in the survey. 

-We piloted grade level play dates and will be incorporating them into our programming for next year.

-We are making PTA meetings more accessible to our community next year with a more connection and information focus.

-We are redesigning our website and how we communicate with families to get out information and gather regular feedback. 

-You can also look forward to a restructured PTA leadership team and fundraising strategy as well. 

-The Ephesus School Improvement Team has incorporated the Family Equity survey into their strategic goals.

-And so much more!

Want to get involved?

If you would like to get more involved with equity work on the PTA, or the PTA in general, email Ti'esh Harper at tharper8832@gmail.com