Fund It Fast  is Our annual 

PTA giving campaign.

Our school depends on this single fundraising drive to support critical school programs, community events, classroom innovations, and supplies as well as emergency assistance to Ephesus staff and families. 

YOU SHOULD KNOW: Our fundraiser is unique because every dollar raised goes straight to the PTA and into the school. We don't use outside third-party fundraising efforts that take a percentage of funds raised. YOUR DOLLARS COUNT.

Donate online via PayPal, check (written out to Ephesus PTA) or cash. 

Thank you for supporting the PTA!

staff testimonial

"It allowed us to purchase a Duke Energy Science Night kit from the NC Science Festival to build on, additional station activity supplies and related giveaway items, and tri-fold boards for each station. STEAM Night would not have been a success without this funding." 

- Mrs. Cottrell, Instructional Technology Facilitator

Where will That
$35,000 go?

staff testimonial

PTA funds are so helpful and so appreciated in the art classroom! Without the PTA funds I would get a little more than a dollar per student for supplies for the whole year. I am also so grateful for the PTA grant funds: This year PTA funded an Artist in Residence, Elaine O'Neil, to work will all of our 2nd graders. Each student made a beautiful textile collage with her! I also received grant money that funded the 5th graders' class mural. Thank you PTA! - Mrs. Murphy, Art Teacher

My best purchase with PTA money this year was my wireless microphone and Bluetooth speaker. Students are better able to hear my teaching/enunciations which in turn helps save my vocal cords (not having to teach over a dehumidifier or music if it's being played). I also loved being able to take the speaker outside to teach folk or culture dances. Thanks so much for your continued support :) - Mrs. Little, Music Teacher